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What does 'applied research' mean at the HNU?

As a University of Applied Sciences, we strive to intensify dialogue between business and science and to promote application-focused research.

Working with business enterprises and with private and public research institutions, we set out on a systematic scientific search for knowledge. In this, the focus is on research and development collaboration aimed at applications geared to business and social needs.

Working together with enterprises provides impetus from actual practice, some of which directly results in new training content and structures at the university of applied sciences. This means that our students gain their qualifications on the basis of the very latest scientific findings.

Application-focused research and development projects at HNU are funded either directly by companies as commissioned projects, or by public funding programmes run by the German government, the Free State of Bavaria and the EU. Various mixed funding solutions are also possible. Talk with us!

At transfer of knowledge and research you can find further information on the options of research collaboration.


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Vice President for Research and Digitalisation
Head of the degree programme Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
Head of the Centre for Data Science & Business Analytics

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