Language Tandems

Offer your mother tongue - study another

Learning in a language tandem is easy and offers many advantages:

  • You  practise a foreign language,
  • You supplement your language courses at HNU by speaking to native speakers,
  • You get to know another culture,
  • You  prepare yourself for an international exchange.

You can find a tandem partner on the online platform Language Tandem-Community of the HNU. You register on the homepage, set up your own profile, join language groups and contact interesting language partner. Furthermore, there is also a Language Tandem Facebookgroup.

If you have any questions regarding the language tandems or would like to have more assistance with your search, please contact

A get-together for finding a tandem partner takes place every first Thursday of the month in "Cabaret Eden" (Karlstraße 71, 89073 Ulm) from 8 pm. This event is organised in cooperation with the "Ulm-internationale Stadt".


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