International Campus at the HNU

You make our campus international!

Students, faculty and staff take an active part in our international campus life! All cultural and leisure activities place special emphasis on networking between German and international students.

We invite you to join and take part in these activities.

  • You can learn a number of new languages each semester,
  • You are welcome to join the Orientation Programme as an international student,
  • You can set up language tandems, a pairing of students with different first languages, and improve your language skills together,
  • You can work as a student tutor for the International Office to support incoming students at the HNU,
  • You are welcome to take part in the joint session "Get-together" for incoming and outgoing students,
  • You can taste international dishes from the home countries of our incoming students, our cafeteria has international flavour.

Accreditations and Certificates