Exams During your Exchange Semester

Registration for courses and exams

In general, students register for exams via the Examinations Office at the Studies and Exams Office. Information about dates and registration formalities is available from the International Office.

  • You should sign up for electives via the International Office in the first weeks of your stay. The number of students is limited. When you sign up for an elective course that is automatically the registration for the exam.
  • For special fields of study, there is a special registration for the major study courses at the Examinations Office during the semester. The International Office will inform you about the exact dates.

There is no guarantee that courses will take place. Whether or not a course is held depends on the number of students who register.


A transcript listing the courses attended, ECTS and German grades will be compiled by the Study and Exam Office and sent to the International Office of your home university by post. You will receive the transcript about a month after the end of the exam period.

You can find an overview of all relevant semester dates in the academic calendar.

Accreditations and Certificates