It is not always easy to balance studying or working with recreation, family and friends. The HNU has taken several measures to assist students and members of the staff with this  and has been  certified since 2008 as a ”family-friendly university“ by the berufundfamilie GmbH (an initiative of the non-profit German Hertie-foundation) for doing so.

Milestones for this were the setting up of a day-care children’s centre for the university as well as initiating the Family and social counselling Service (BIZEPS). The BIZEPS link below offers information about its supportive programmes and offers.

The HNU has even established a child care facility of its own to offer the best support  to parents.

Psychological Counselling is also a very important concern of the university.  The HNU cooperates with the Ulm Student Association to provide the best counselling service.




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Head of the family and social counselling service BIZEPS

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