Organizational matters: Preparation and first steps in Germany

You have succesfully completed your application?

As soon as you have received your admission ("Letter of Acceptance") from the HNU, you should start to organize your stay in Germany.

Do I need a visa for Germany, what type of visa?

In principle, anyone who is a citizen from a non-EU country is obliged to obtain a visa for Germany. Here is a list of the countries whose nationals will require a visa.

As soon as you have received your letter of acceptance from the HNU, you should start the application process for your visa. This process can take a number of weeks.

We recommend that you apply for a visa for the entire period of your stay in Germany. The actual period of time is at the embassy's discretion. Your visa should be a "national student visa, category D". (A tourist visa is not enough!).

Do I need a visa for a third country as part of my study programme?

If your study programme includes a second semester in a third country, e.g. as part of the Master's programmes held in English,

then you should include this in your visa application. You need to contact the relevant embassy of the third country to apply for a visa for your second semester. If you receive a visa in advance, will be at the embassy's discretion.

If you don't receive a visa in advance, please contact the embassy of the destination country as soon as possible in Germany.

Visa for Argentina in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Consulate General of the Republic Argentina, Eschersheimer Landstr. 19-21, 60322 Frankfurt, Tel.: 0049 69 97200310, Email: Visa application here.

Visa for Great Britain in Munich:British Consulate General Munich, Möhlstraße 5, 81675 Munich, Tel. 0049 89 211090. Visa application here.

Visa for Finland in Berlin: Embassy of Finnland, Rauchstr. 1, 10787 Berlin, Tel. 0049 30 5050 30, E-Mail:[at], Office Hours: Mo-Fr 9-12 Uhr or by appointment. Visa application here.

How to find a room?

You will have to arrange your own accommodation.

The start of each semester (especially in the beginning of the winter semester) the availability of rooms in Neu-Ulm and Ulm is very limited. It is worth starting with your search as soons as possible.

Once you have your letter of acceptance from the HNU, you should start your search to find accommodation and get in contact.

You have the following options

  • you can apply for a room in the student hall of residence run by the Augsburg Student Service,
  • you can find a room in a private hall of residence,
  • you can look for accommodation or shared flats on the public accommodation market,
  • for an interim solution, you can live in a hotel, hostel or youth hostel.

Contacts and Links are available here: Where to find a room in Neu-Ulm/Ulm?

You can either live in Neu-Ulm or Ulm. As twin cities, Neu-Ulm and Ulm are close and only devided by the river Donube. Please note, that different authorities are responsible depending on your seat of residence.

First important steps in Germany, you need to register your address within the first 14 days and apply for a residence permit afterwards, if necessary. 

Where do I have to register my address?

If you intend to stay in Germany longer than 3 months, then you must register your address within the first 14 days after your arrival in Germany. Registration takes place at the town administration office either in Neu-Ulm Citizens' Information Office (Bürgerbüro Neu-Ulm) or in Ulm's Citizens'Information Office.

For your registration, you will need

  • your ID or passport,
  • confirmation from the landlady or landlord renting a flat/apartment (= Wohnungsgeberbestätigung).

If you intend to stay in Germany for less than three months, you cannot register your address at the Citizens' Information Office. If you require an official certificate of residence, please speak to your landlord or landlady, or to the housing administration of where you live or to the hotel reception, and ask for a special registration certificate (besonderer Meldeschein).

The certificate of residence is an important document to apply for your residence permit.

Where can I extend my visa and apply for a residence permit in Germany?

Only if your visa does not cover the entire length of your stay in Germany, you will need to apply to extend it and apply for a residence permit.

The foreigners' authority at Landratsamt Neu-Ulm or at Bürgerdienste Ulm is your contact in this matter. (You need to wait two to three weeks from your registration at the city until your extension of visa and application for a residence permit, as your datas need to be transmitted in the meantime.)

You need to submit the following documents

  •  Registration proof of seat of residence in Neu-Ulm or Ulm
  •  Passport or ID
  •  Enrolment paper from the HNU
  •  Health insurance proof or document ‘exemption from German health insurance’
  • 2 Biometrical passport sized picture
  • Proof of financial means = 853 € per month of stay as a bankstatement, parent’s bankstatement or scholarship (English versions)
  • 100€ for the electronic residence permit

You will automatically receive an electronic residence permit, when you apply for extension of your visa.

Is my health insurance valid in Germany?

You need certification of valid health insurance for your enrolment at the HNU and for your residence permit.

  • You can try to have your health insurance from you home country recognised by a German health insurance provider by sending a scan of your own insurance (in English or German) to them. You will find contact persons of several public health insurance providers below.
  • As a student from EU countries, you should get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from your respective insurance company. With this proof you can get an exemption from the compulsory health insurance at any public health insurance in Germany.

If you apply for student health insurance cover with a German health insurance company, the monthly health insurance contribution is about 90 €.

If you are going abroad to a third country for one semester and then returning to Germany, you should deactivate your German health insurance in the meantime.

Public health insurance providers

There are various public health insurance providers in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. You can freely select any health insurance.

Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse Günzburg (AOK), Link

contact person: Mr. Moritz Ebner, Jahnstraße 6, 89312 Günzburg
Tel. +49 (0)8221 94-369,

Barmer Krumbach, Link

contact person: Mr. Jürgen Streit ,Babenhauser Str. 12, 86381 Krumbach, Tel. +49 (0)800 333 004 206-301,

Deutsche Angestellten Krankenkasse (DAK), Link (only in German!)

Contact person: Ms. Maike Müller, Bahnhofstraße 17, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)7541/374092106,

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Link

Contact person: Mr. Michèl Jaquet, Hirschstraße 21, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)151 14534978,

Do I need to arrange a bank account in Germany?

A German bank account is essential for some things, e.g. paying the rent for your room on a monthly basis.

  • If you arrived in Germany with a blocked account for your visa, you can unblock it now.
  • Otherwise you can arrange a student account at any German bank e.g. Sparkasse Neu-Ulm.

If you have not already paid this, please arrange for transfer of the obligatory semester fees of 81.50 € for your enrolment at the HNU.

There are also several formalities to settle at the end of your stay, a few weeks before you leave Germany.

Which formalities need to be completed before I leave?
  • It is important to arrange for moving out of and handling over your accommodation. Please arrange an appointment with the caretaker of administration of you accommodation a few weeks before you leave.
  • If you registered at the star of the semester with the Neu-Ulm Citizens' Infomration Office then you will need to advise them that you are leaving your accommodation.
  • If you want to end your German health insurance, thn usually your air ticket or the certificate from the Neu-Ulm Citizens' Information Office (that they know that you are leaving your accommodation) is enough. Please get in touch with your health insurance about this. If you are going abroad to another country for one semester and then returning to Germany, you should deactivate your German health insurance.
  • Dpm't close your German bank account until you have completed all necessary payments! We recommend that you do not close your account until the deposit for your accommodation has been repaid.
  • Remember to return any books or material to the HNU library before you go, and return your HNU Campus Card to the Study and Exams Office or the International Office.

Accreditations and Certificates