To support you with the financing of your living costs there is state funding for students which is called BAföG or the possibility of scholarships.

You have the following options:

For further information please consult the given links. 

Scholarships for International Degree Seeking Students

Scholarship "Hochschule International"

Besides the scholarships mentioned above the International Office grants the scholarship “Hochschule International” to particularly qualified students in financial need. This scholarship is financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and intends to support internationalisation at Bavarian universities. 

Persons eligible for receiving the grant are degree-seeking students with foreign nationality who complete their whole study course at the HNU (first semester till graduation) and who are not in their practical semester.


  • Enrolment at the HNU (Bachelor/Master) and actual presence at the HNU for the purpose of studying
  • Advanced semester (2nd semester or higher)
  • Financial need
  • Sound academic standing
  • Personal qualification (e.g. voluntary/student/social commitment)
  • Social engagement

“Financial need” is determined in accordance with the applicable BAföG regulations. If you do not live with your parents and have statutory insurance, you have to fulfill the following conditions: 

  • your funds available per month are 735 Euros or less
  • add 570 Euros to this amount if you are married
  • add another 520 Euros for each child

If you have any doubts connected with this, please contact your BAföG Office (Studentenwerk Augsburg).

Application documents

  • signed scholarship application
  • certificate of enrolment
  • grades certificates (transcript of records of the HNU)
  • curriculum vitae
  • statement of motivation
  • evidence of nationality (e.g. passport copy)
  • marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • children’s birth certificate (if applicable)
  • other proofs (if applicable, e.g. social commitment, awards or prices) 

If you renew your application only an updated application form, enrolment certificate, statement of motivation and grade certificate are required. The application has to be renewed each semester. The maximum scholarship duration is three years (for six applications altogether).

Grant amount

The amount awarded for scholarships depends on the funds available and the number of applicants. The grant is paid as a one-off payment. The average monthly amount varies between 100 and 735 Euros. It is determined according to your qualification and financial situation. Any monthly income more than 450 Euros will be cross-credited against your grant. Please note that there is no legal claim to a grant.

Deadline for application

Please submit your application documents via email to Lilia Briel (Lilia.Briel[at] by

  • November 15th (for winter semester)
  • May 15th (for summer semester) 

You will receive the information if your application has been successful within two weeks after the application deadline. The information will be communicated by e-mail. 




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