Courses Taught in English

The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) offers a range of courses taught in English at either bachelor or master's level each semester. All courses are open to international exchange students, if academic prerequisites are met. Bachelor students are only allowed to take courses at Bachelor level.

Please note that the following is an overview of all courses offered. If not enough students register, courses may be cancelled or postponed until the following semester.

International students who have a sufficient level of competence in German are more than welcome to attend lectures in German. Students may take exams in English, write papers in English and give required presentations in English. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us prior to your stay at the HNU.

Department of Business and Economics

Department of Information Management

Department of Health Management

Multidisciplinary Courses

Records of study at the HNU – The ECTS system

ECTS is the European Credit Transfer System introduced in order to facilitate the international acceptance of records of study. They can be transferred from one university to another within Europe. Each course at the HNU has a specific amount of credits, which reflects the number of working hours you have to invest.

Accreditations and Certificates