Welcome to the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences!

Internationalisation is an important strategic goal of our University of Applied Sciences. We are glad to see that the number of international students, lecturers and staff is increasing steadily. They make daily life at the HNU as well as research and teaching more vibrant and contribute at all levels towards making the HNU more international.

As a rule our range of services and our course programme is open to all international students. However, procedures of application and admission as well as people and departments in authority over courses may vary greatly depending on the target group. At the HNU we distinguish between the following groups of international students:

Exchange students

You are an exchange student at the HNU if you...

  • are studying at one of the partner universities abroad;
  • come to Germany on an exchange progamme (such as Erasmus+, a university partnership, free mover); and
  • will only be studying at the HNU for a limited period (as a rule, one or two semesters) without aiming to complete your studies here.

Degree seeking students

You are a degree seeking student at the HNU if  you …

To the information for International Degree Seeking Students

Our Welcome Brochure will give you a comprehensive and basic orientation with useful tips for studying and living in Neu-Ulm / Ulm. You can find up-to-date information on semester and holiday schedules as well as examination dates under Academic Calendar.

Accreditations and Certificates