Sino-German Competence Centre (SGCC)


The SGCC's educational programmes are distinguished by their level of quality and expertise and are tailored to Chinese professionals. A bilingual and intercultural teaching team representing diverse fields of speciality assures the high level of educational quality and facilitates customised one to two-week educational programmes in Germany or in China.

Theory dovetails perfectly with practical experience to create a high level of involvement. Visits to companies are integrated into the educational programmes, providing a wide range of opportunities to gather practical experience and become familiar with a variety of fields. Participants in this knowledge transfer project benefit from close contact with their mentor during their practical work, and they must use their expertise and presentation skills to persuade the client of the merits of their proposals. By constantly applying what they have learned, participants know exactly what really matters in practice, thus qualifying themselves for leading positions in business.


Professor Dr.
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Dean of the Department of Business and Economics

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