Partnerships at the Centre for Media & User Experience

The Centre for Media & User Experience works with companies, agencies, chambers of trade and industry and professional associations at the regional and super-regional level. Its goal is to set up partnerships for specific projects, as well as permanent partnerships.

Forms of partnership

Practical projects/ company partnerships

Topics are investigated in third-party funded projects (funding of research assistants, for example) or research projects with other universities, universities of applied sciences and companies.

Case studies and conceptual seminars

Work on practice-oriented topics by several groups of students supervised by professors.

Seminar papers, Bachelor and Master's theses

Written analysis by a student on a practice-oriented topic under the supervision of a professor.

Consultancy projects

Business consultancy in brand communications, media content, language, media design, user experience, project and process management.

Guest lectures

Lectures by company representatives as part of courses.

Study trips

Company visits and workshops for students.

Roundtable discussions

Organisation of themed roundtable discussions with representatives from the business and academic worlds.

Sponsoring competitions for young professionals

Sponsoring of especially gifted students by funding competitions for young professionals.

Continuing education courses / workshops

The centre organises continuing education courses and workshops.

The Centre for Media & User Experience already has many years of experience of partnerships in many different forms. Some examples of previous projects and partnerships with companies are:

  • Market and trend analysis, development of sales-promoting online measures for ProSiebenSat.1 Games GmbH
  • Study trip to Axel-Springer AG in Berlin
  • Course taught with intensive collaboration with publishers in the region (e.g. Schwäbisch Media, SWP)
  • Use of social media marketing using the example of the Facebook page of Sony Music Entertainment
  • Development of a prototype internal communications platform for the non-profit organisation 'Engineers Without Borders'
  • Development of a search engine for a partner network taking into account geographical search aspects
  • Optimisation of processes from the perspective of usability
  • Development of a concept for a cloud solution for detail
  • Digitisation of workflows between partners in the dental sector
  • Development of a concept for a cooperation platform for resource efficiency
  • Optimisation of intranet and document management solutions
  • Testing mobile phones for usability
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour as related to store design

Accreditations and Certificates