In the centre, the academic chairs for sales and marketing (Professor Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer), strategic market intelligence (Professor Dr. Sascha Fabian) and law (Professor Christian Langbein and Professor Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker) are located. The students get extensive knowledge about management tasks and research activities imparted on them.

At the heart of the university education is the early connection of students and graduates with potential employers, the practice-oriented instruction as well as applied research projects.



Bachelor Courses

/ Behavioral Pricing

/ Media Law

/ Law

/ Taxes

/ Strategic Market Intelligence

/ Strategic Market and Sales Management

/ Economic and IT law

Master Courses

/ Strategic Growth and Sales Management

/ Strategic Market Research

/ Strategic Pricing Excellence




"To see the world through the eyes of our customers, to govern products from the initial idea over the development until the marketing and sales are themes that accompany a product manager every day. However, not only theoretical knowledge is needed when doing these things, but also motivation, flexibility and a sense of responsibility. These are all qualifications that get taught with a practice-oriented approach in the special field of study International Brand and Sales Management. The conception seminars consist not only of the development of a concept as a group project, but the concept also has to be defended before a panel made up of practice partners and professors. These experiences in the areas of market research, sales strategies and branding have eased my entry into the workforce and helped me in my day to day life."

Stefanie Nusser, Paul Hartmann AG- Product Manager- Global Product Marketing Conventional Wound Care, Master graduate of the focus International Brand and Sales Management of the University of Neu-Ulm


"Marketing and sales are hands-on sciences; the only way to learn is practice, practice, practice. This proximity to business practice is what makes the Strategic Sales Management special field of study stand out. The conceptual seminar is one example – being able to stand in front of decision-makers from Procter & Gamble or Gardena and prove yourself by presenting your own concept is a unique opportunity. The course content and its relevance to actual practice in the special field of study helped me to get where I am today in my career."

Jürgen Frank, Head of Marketing & Product Management (WANZL), Strategic Sales Management (HNU)

Further alumni statements...

"Additionally, to the excellent cooperation with the whole team of the centre, I appreciate the knowledge transfer between the university and ZEISS: New ideas from committed students are inspiring for us, at the same time students get valuable insights into the practical experience as well as make contact with a potential future employer."

Judith Walter, Carl Zeiss AG - Project Manager - Corporate Brand and Communications, Master graduate of the focus International Brand and Sales Management at the University of Neu-Ulm

"The special field of study "International Brand and Sales Management" was a major criterion for my decision to do my master at the University of Neu-Ulm. The promise of teaching with a practical orientation was kept 100 percent and with the help of exciting cooperation projects with renowned companies such as Red Bull even surpassed the expectations. The courses taught deal with very current themes from science and practice, for example touch point management or content marketing, which are conveyed by excellent professors and guest lecturers. Only through the development of innovative concepts did I learn to think out of the box. This combination of practical experience and scientific competence made a swift entry into a consulting company of a global acting automobile group possible for me."

Kristin Schönfelder, Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH - Junior Consultant for International roll out projects- Master graduate of the focus International Brand and Sales Management of the University of Neu-Ulm

"To think and act in interdisciplinary correlations, to understand different point of views from other divisions and to create added value for all the parties involved is a challenging task. All of this can only be realised through a high degree of flexibility, motivation, readiness to learn and discretionary competence. The Master of Advanced Management and especially the field of study of International Brand and Sales Management, enabled me to gain and further develop these core competences via established theoretical knowledge, practical applications in challenging conception seminars as well as the close and common exchange with the professors."  

Johannes Betz, Volkswagen AG- Strategy and Market Intelligence- Master graduate of the focus International Brand and Sales Management of the University of Neu-Ulm

"For me, a fitting special field of study and a high level of practical relevance were very important for the selection of my study program. Both of these factors are given in the Master of Advanced Management. The special field of study "International Brand and Sales Management", which is taught in English, is the ideal basis for the work in marketing and sales: Through the combination of relevant subjects a very broad and well-founded theoretical base was developed. At the same time this knowledge is applied and deepened in practice-oriented projects and seminars in cooperation with leading international companies. To deal with these tasks and requirements during my course of study was a great challenge. Thereby, the special field of study offers a second to none connection of latest scientific standards as well as a high practical relevance and has therefore been very valuable for my own personal and professional development."

Felix Vetter, Kneipp Gmbh- Trainee Sales and Marketing- Master graduate of the focus International Brand and Sales Management of the University of Neu-Ulm

"The study program at the University of Neu-Ulm and especially my chosen special field of study "Strategic Sales Management", including my diploma thesis in this field, have given me a professional advantage in the economy. Of course, it was also a lot of fun. The knowledge I gained at university and the joy I have for this field, have helped me get the job and position I now hold at Microsoft. Particularly the high practical relevance of the study program as well as the direct contact to companies in the framework of study projects have helped me to now be able to meet the requirements of my job."

Carolin Ilgner, Microsoft Deutschland Gmbh- Account Managerin- Graduate of the focus Strategic Sales Management of the University of Neu-Ulm

"I have successfully completed the three-year MBA study program at the University of Neu-Ulm with a master thesis with Prof. Kracklauer. I have already been promoted twice at my first employer, from key account manager to sales and marketing manager Europe, and then to general manager. Today I am general manager of a company with over 4000 employees. The MBA has definitely opened some doors to even be considered as a possible candidate for these positions."

Bernd Renzhofer, Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH - General Manager - MBA "General Management" graduate of the University of Neu-Ulm



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