Research Agenda



The SALES MANAGER sees itself as a scientific journal with a regional connection. Annually, all research papers that are developed within the framework of the centre are published. New scientific insights are made valuable for (medium-sized) companies. The topic of market oriented corporate management includes questions of the fields sales, brands and management.

Each issue is also published digitally:

Special Edition 2018 | Good Brand

Special Edition 2017 | Candidate Journey

Issue 2017 | Customer Journey

Issue 2016 | Employer Branding



The change in values of the generation Y as well as the demographic change are reasons for the growing competition for qualified skilled and managerial staff in companies. For companies, especially middle-sized ones, it is necessary for survival to position themselves as an attractive employer with an employer value proposition that is relevant for the target group.

The centre for growth and sales strategy conducts the biggest employer branding study in the region and examines the power of regional employer brands in the county of Alb-Donau, Neu-Ulm and Ulm on future managerial personnel. The employer branding award is bestowed to regional companies with a strong employer brand.


Brand excellence defines itself anew in times of a saturated consumer society. The people search for fulfilment of meaning and ethical brand orientation due to the given material safety. In order to distinguish themselves and gain the loyalty of customers and employees alike, brands have to do what the people deem important: Anchor meaningful approaches in the brand strategy and philosophy.  

The centre initially discusses how brands can satisfy existential basic needs of their stakeholders and thereby add to the quest for meaning.


Business excellence has to increasingly employ the digitalisation in order to act efficient and effectively customer oriented. The sales lab offers practice partners the opportunity for the development of innovative, sustainable solutions in the fields of sales management, digitalisation, touchpoint management, marketing and pricing. New concepts and ideas can be tested in virtual 3D surroundings and get refined in several iteration loops. Exciting ideas from companies are combined with scientific expertise and developed further. Through the 3D action surroundings as well as unlimited, communicative, multimedia and interactive possibilities, a complete immersion into situations and spontaneous, natural actions are enabled.