Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics comprises the application of analytical methods and computing operations to the methods and processes of the company's supply chain, with the aim to explain the causes and effects happening. The results provide the basis for objective decision-making and optimal performance enhancement. The analyses are based on data from the business departments sales and production as well as additional data, for example GPS data and traffic data. Current applications of Business Analytics and Data Science in the supply chain use customer data such as delivery address or availability and traffic or weather data to optimize distribution processes. In addition to inventory reductions, a higher level of customer satisfaction can also be achieved. Furthermore, the integration of unstructured data can contribute to a performance increase in the supply chain.

The Competence Center for Data Science and Business Analytics identifies applications and potentials of Supply Chain Analytics, for example to optimize demand planning and tour planning. Subsequently, methods and concepts for the optimal use of Data Science and Business Analytics are developed.


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