Customer and Marketing Analytics

In the area of ​​Customer and Marketing Analytics, the competence center works with both, customer and market data. By systematically analyzing customer data, a holistic view of the customer can be gained. In addition, Data Science and Business Analytics enable the evaluation of past purchasing behavior and to predicted future requirements. Profitable customers can be identified and tied to a company by recognizing customer requirements before they even occur. In addition, data analyzes enable the targeted planning of marketing activities. Besides customer retention data and the contained information support an effective resource allocation.

Typicall applications for customer analytics:

  • Pattern analysis regarding the purchasing behavior of customers (market basket analysis)
  • Definition and itentification of the main customer groups (customer segmentation)
  • Analysis of customer potentials (customer lifetime value)
  • Analysis of customer affinity (product prospensity)
  • Identification of customer losses (churn prevention)

In co-operation with regional companies and incorporating the latest software, the competence center wants to identify the current needs, possibilities and challenges for Customer and Marketing Analytics.

The Center for Data Science and Business Analytics offers a two day Workshop on Customer Analytics for companies. This wokrshop is offered as an in-house event. More details can be found under the following link.


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Head of the Centre for Data Science & Business Analytics

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