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The Team: Prof. Dr. Olaf Jacob, Karin Hartl, Prof. Dr. Achim Dehnert, Prof. Dr. Jörg-Oliver Vogt and Prof. Dr. Tobias Engel (not in the picture)

In the digitalization age, companies are surrounded by immense amounts of data (Big Data). Innovative technologies in the areas of Data Mining, analytical databases and graphical visualization offer diverse possibilities for data analysis and prediction. Therefore, from huge amounts of data – structured and unstructured – knowledge and new insights can be discovered.

“Data Science” brings together the research areas of data bases, statistics, machine learning, Data Mining, mathematics and visualization. The goal is to analyze and visualize data for data-driven decisions.

Besides descriptive analyses which are based on historical data, Data Science also uses predictive analysis methods. First, interesting patterns are discovered from historic data and are converted into models. Second, this models are used to predict future developments. This enables companies to forecast customer behavior as well as future needs, risks and opportunities.

The competence center focuses on studies, postgraduate studies and applied Data Science research in the areas of Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management, Customer & Marketing Analysis and Supply Chain Analysis.

The Competence Centre supports businesses in developing concepts and analysis models, implementation of Data Science strategies to optimally use Data and the opportunities withing them, and the qualification of employees.

The Team

Prof. Dr. Olaf Jacob

Dean of the Faculty of Information Management

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Prof. Dr. Achim Dehnert

Dean of the Department of Information Management

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Prof. Dr. Jörg-Oliver Vogt

Head of the degree programme Information Management Automotive

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Prof. Dr. Tobias Engel

Professor for Supply Chain Management

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Karin Hartl

Research Associate in the Department of Information Management

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Professor Dr.
Olaf Jacob View Profile

Vice President for Research and Digitalisation
Head of the degree programme Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
Head of the Centre for Data Science & Business Analytics

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Main Building B,B.1.19


Karin Hartl View Profile

Research Assistant / Centre for Data Sciene and Business Analytics

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Edisonalle 7,DREI, 4 EDISON 7

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