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Design and Media

Design means giving form to content. Only a very small part of design is manual work; much rather, it consists of holistic, conceptual work using aesthetic means.

Careful thought precedes any drafting of a design. The Design course provides the requisite theoretical tools: the basics of perception theory, semiotics and socio-semantics. Numerous exercises on the impact of colour, typography and use of space, as well as the basics of computer-based design round out this theoretical section.

'Media design I' or 'Media design', a special field of study within the Business Studies degree programme, concentrates on the conceptual and creative aspects of communications tasks in various media, such as the Internet or print media, as well as on use of space. Design, typography, layout and photography are looked at together in complex tasks such as image and product campaigns, and corporate design and integrated communications projects.

To train students in this special field of study and provide deeper insights into the subject, we offer creative subjects such as 'Editorial design' (e.g. the Look Book 2.0 – Second Identity project), 'Image concepts in communications' (photography and other imaging procedures) and 'Cross-media design' (e.g. exhibition concept development and creation for HNU).


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