Teaching at the Centre for Corporate Communications

Teaching – up-to-date and practice-related

Courses of the Centre for Corporate Communications structured by professors:

Prof. Dr. Markus Caspers:

  • Design
  • Media design I
  • Media design (special field of study in the degree programme 'Business Studies')
  • Illustration concepts (elective course)
  • Editorial design (elective course)
  • Designing spaces (elective course)

Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger:

  • Marketing communication I + II
  • Communication projekt ('Breitseite')
  • Corporate communications (degree programme 'Business Information Systems')
  • Social media (elective course; only offered in the summer semester)
  • Marketing

Prof. Dr. Julia Kormann:

  • Business studies I
  • Marketing
  • Corporate communications I
  • Intern communication
  • Seminar

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Reisach:

  • Corporate communications II
  • Intercultural management
  • Intercultural communication (degree programme 'Business Information Systems')
  • Business ethics (degree programme 'Master of Advanced Management')
  • Special business studies (degree programme 'Business Information Systems')
  • Presentation training (elective course)

Accreditations and Certificates