Research from practice for practice

The aim of the institute is to provide practical research on a high scientific level. The primary focus is on the following areas:

  • Service Management
  • IT-Management
  • Health Management
  • Change Management

Current research projects

  • Effiziente Betriebs- und Steuerungsmodelle zur ganzheitlichen Optimierung der IT-Funktion im Unternehmen (EBSgo-IT)
  • EBSgo-IT deals with the measurement, evaluation and control of the IT-function.
  • IT Executive Circle (ITEC)
    ITEC is a think tank and innovation incubator for companies from the region.
  • Adults Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare (auICTH)
    auICTH is an international workshop dealing with the IT use of older people in the health sector.
  • Activity Tracking: Usage of Fitbit and Co.
    Research on potentials, usage and effects around the topic „Activity Tracking“.
  • Living City
    Development of an Application to improve quality of life in Ulm and Neu-Ulm

Completed research projects

  • Efficient IT in hospitals (eKIT)
  • Flexible, individualisierte Service-Netzwerke (FISnet)
  • Flexible Bündelung heterogener Dienstleistungen (FleBüDi).


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Research Assistant / Department of Information Management

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Research Assistant / Center for Research on Service Sciences

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