Center for Research on Service Sciences (CROSS)

The CROSS-Team: Prof. Dr. Heiko Gewald, Robert Rockmann, Anna Wiedemann, Anna Gaab, Maximilian Haug, Thomas Schulz and Prof. Dr. Thomas Bayer

The Center for Research on Service Sciences (CROSS) at the HNU is devoted to research on the management and production of services within and between companies.


Research at the CROSS focuses on developing new ways of innovation and management of services. We use a broad spectrum of theory and methods to analyze issues relevant to business and IT management.

Current research addresses the following topics:

  • Optimizing the operating model of the IT department
  • Service innovation, service governance and lifecycle management of services
  • Strategic information management
  • Enhancing the efficient use of software
  • Providing IT-based services for the aging generation


We develop sustainable solutions for business and IT management. Our aim is to transfer theoretically grounded and empirically proven findings into results for practice. Therefore we work closely together with industry partners from all sectors and different sizes.

We share our insights through workshops, presentations and publications in scientific as well as industry focused outlets.


We transfer the knowledge gained through our projects into our teaching at HNU from bachelor to master level. We also are always looking for students who show interest in writing bachelor and master theses with a solid theoretical approach and relevance to practice.

For further information about theses, please contact the CROSS team.


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