Hospital Management for Health Professionals – from theory to practice (HMHP)

The HNU was again selected as academic professional partner by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to run an extensive programme in healthcare management. This programme is designed to provide hospital managers (medical doctors, nurses, managers and administrators) with the necessary knowledge to extend their competences and improve their skills. In 2013 the HNU will conduct an 4-month specialized training course, 5-month blended learning course and an alumni programme for more than 150 healthcare experts from East- and Central African countries.

Duration: October 2012 - 2014

Specialized Training Course

The specialized course is addressed to medical doctors, nurses, managers and administrators of hospitals or similar professions and institutions in healthcare coming from Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania.

More information are available here: Specialized Course Announcement (PDF, 320 kb)

Blended Learning

The course follows a blended learning method, with the online modules being followed by a face-to-face workshop. The entire course will be supported by a tutor, who will be in direct contact with the participants throughout the modules.  The continuous interaction amongst participants, as well as between participants, tutor and lecturers is an integral part of the course's design. There are several tools available on the eLearning platform which enable interaction, communication and cooperation.

More information are available here: Blended Learning Announcement

Demo Version: Blended Learning - Hospital Management for Health Professionals


The Alumni programme is addressed to over 150 healthcare experts from East- and Central Africa. During several online chats challenges, opportunities and experiences in hospital management are discussed. For motivation and incentive for Alumni to active participation in the chats a point system has been introduced. Only those alumni who achieve a certain point score can attend the Alumni-Conference which is scheduled for March 2014 in Kenya.


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