Summer School „Entrepreneurship“ for Tunisian University Lecturers

The promotion of entrepreneurship and business start-ups is an important measure for developing countries in the fight against poverty and contributes significantly to combating the causes of flight. Against this background, the HNU organised a one-week summer school for a total of 24 full-time lecturers from Tunisian universities to teach essential topics for successful entrepreneurship. The selected participants teach entrepreneurship at their home universities in Tunisia and thus represent a substantial multiplier potential for the Train-the-Trainer concept.


In the week from 3.7.17 to 6.7.17 a total of 24 lessons took place. Three free afternoons were used for a guided tour of Ulm and two company visits. In addition, participation in the HNU meeting and a welcome dinner served to create the necessary group dynamics and to promote networking between Tunisian lecturers and HNU professors. 

The idea for the summer school was expressed on 3.10.17 during the visit of a delegation of the Bavarian State Chancellery with a representative of the University of Neu-Ulm to the Ministry of Education of Amira Guermazi. By the end of the year, HNU had received 42 applications from which 24 participants were selected through a selection process agreed with Amira Guermazu. 


The lecturers for the summer school were professors and research assistants of the HNU, who have experience and professional competence in this field. The focus was on the following topics:

  • Design Thinking and Lean Start-up (incl. exercises)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Hidden Champions around us
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Product pricing
  • Case study: E-commerce sales strategies for a start-up


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