Quality Management at the HNU

To achieve all-round quality, everyone at the HNU needs to get involved. We have been working to set up a quality management system since 2008. Our objective is to achieve high quality in our courses and teaching and to continuously improve it. We view the new qualifications framework of the Bologna Process as an opportunity to define new measures to secure and improve the quality of teaching.

In what is a process-oriented approach, the HNU's quality management efforts include not only introducing optimised processes to ensure quality at the administrative level, but also improving teaching and studying conditions, and using student evaluations to optimise teaching.

Since teaching can only be as good as the teachers themselves, together with the students we are developing a modern teaching and learning culture. One crucial prerequisite of this is a common understanding of what quality is, as well as constructive dialogue at every level of the HNU.

Under the 'Cooperative Quality Development' project, the quality management team provides tools aimed at making quality an integral aspect of HNU and student life.


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Academic Coordinator – Centre for Interdisciplinary, International and Engaged Learning

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