Board of Trustees of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

The Board of Trustees of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) acts as a stakeholder and source of ideas for the HNU in the public and fosters the fulfillment of tasks by the HNU. It was established in the fall of 2013 and met on December 5, 2013 for its inaugural meeting.

The Board of Trustees was created as a result of the second HNU future workshop, which was held in June 2012 under the title "Which university of applied sciences does the region need?". Nine topic areas were discussed by the participants – representatives of companies, universities and employees of the HNU; they debated about the possibilities of how to enhance the substantive profile of the HNU. The ideas developed resulted in specific projects and in the idea to re-convene the Board of Trustees at the HNU.

Board of Trustees of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)
Board of Trustees of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)


The members of the Board of Trustees are public figures who are especially connected with the HNU. They are intended to stay in active working life.

They are appointed by the Senate.


The members of the Board of Trustees elect for the tenure a chairman or a chairwoman and a deputy chairman or a deputy chairwoman out of its members.

Chairman: Prof. Gerhard Mayer


The members of the Board of Trustees for the tenure from 01 October 2019 to 30 September 2022 are:

Jochen Anschütz

Michael Beck
Head of Human Resources of Honold Logistik Gruppe

Thomas Brackvogel
former CEO of Neue Pressegesellschaft bmH und Co. KG

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Renate-Hilde Breuninger
CEO Humboldt-Studienzentrum / Ulm University

Dr. Armin Brugger
Chairman of the board of Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen

Dr. Tobias Engelhardt
CEO of the Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH

Dr. Dagmar Engels
former Head of  Volkshochschule Ulm

Thorsten Freudenberger
District Administrator of Neu-Ulm

Prof. Dr. med. Harald Gündel
Lehrstuhl in der Psychosomatik at Ulm University

Matthias Richard Gruber

Ulrike Hudelmaier
Director of the TFU entrepreneur and technoloy centre in the region Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Dr. Dr. hc. Michael Krause
Former head of the corporate customer business of the regional branch Ulm of Commerzbank AG

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Marre
Former Chief Medical Director of the Ulm University Hospital

Prof. Gerhard Mayer
CEO of the Wilhelm Mayer GmbH & Co. KG Nutzfahrzeuge

Manfred Müller
Former Head of the Neu-Ulm bus production of EvoBus

Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Nakhaeizadeh
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  (KIT)

Gerold Noerenberg
Lord Mayor of the City of Neu-Ulm

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ratajczak
Ratajczak & Partner Lawyers

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Richter
Former Chief Medical Director of the neurosurgical clinic of German Armed Forces hospital Günzburg/Ulm University Hospital

Dr. Claudia Schlager
Head of Studium Professionale at University of Tübingen

Christine Schossig
Vice President Marketing & Communications Wieland Group

Bernd Schumacher

Dr. Wolfgang Seel
CEO VR-Bank Neu-Ulm eG

Gerd Stiefel
Chairman of the IHK Regional Assembly Neu-Ulm
CEO Fritz Stiefel GmbH

Katrin Wenzler
CEO Marvecs GmbH

Philipp Zumsteg
CEO Carl Götz GmbH



The tenure begins on October 1 and is three years.

Meeting frequency

The Board of Trustees generally meets once per semester.

Video: The HNU's second future workshop

Video: HNU's future workshop in 2012 at the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre (in German)


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