The Academic Senate of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Tasks and structure

The tasks of the Academic Senate including making decisions about the legal requirements to be enacted by the HNU, determining the focal areas of research, and deciding on applications to set up special areas of research. In addition, the Academic Senate states its opinion on the nominations for professorial appointments. In accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act, the Academic Senate is composed of ten elected members and the Women's Representative.

Mitglieder des Senats an der HNU

Representatives for the Professors

Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger

Prof. Dr. Michael Grabinski

Prof. Dr. Axel Focke

Prof. Dr. Albert A. Müller

Prof. Dr. Harald Gerlach

Prof. Dr. Silvia Straub

Representative of Research Assistants

Roland Amann

Representive for other employees

Gisela Wagner

Student representatives

Robin Renoth

Lisa-Maria Aicher

Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Brunner


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