Legal Basis

The foundation for the area of responsibility and scope of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) is determined by the Bavarian Higher Education Act as of May 26, 2006. According to this, the state's role is restricted to coordination, planning and funding decisions at the level of Bavaria as a whole. This gives higher education institutions greater autonomy and decision-making powers by placing responsibility for day-to-day operations in their hands.

The higher education institutions have gained greater freedom especially in the following domains:

  • Higher education institutions make their own decisions concerning their internal organisation from the department level downward, on setting up scientific facilities and deciding on who directs them.
  • The higher education institutions is empowered to grant leave of absence for research purposes, artistic development projects and for work in a professional context.
  • The university of applied sciences's President presides over the professors and is responsible for appointing them.

Accreditations and Certificates