Healthy University

Studying and working at the HNU - and staying fit

The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) aims at preserving and promoting health of members of the administrative as well as academic staff and its students. Physical and mental well-being not only increase performance and enhance work motivation, but also improve the working atmosphere. It is a matter of particular concern to the HNU as employer and as an educational institution for future executives to permanently establish company healthcare management, diminish harmful effects on physical health and preserve and sustainably promote health of its students and members of the administrative as well as academic staff.

During the auditing process to be awarded the title of Family-friendly university, members of the HNU staff have developed the "Healthy university" concept including three topics to cover company healthcare management:

Preventive measures

To preserve and promote their health, the HNU offers its members of the administrative as well as academic staff, professors and students the chance to be active in sports and to eat a balanced diet by adding fruits and vegetables to the cafeteria menu. The preventive measures, among them an annual Health Day, are intended to reduce stress. The university is also planning to expand its programme including stress reducing courses, presentations of relaxing techniques and stress reduction as well as seminars on time management and work organisation. 

Return-to-work interviews

Members of the staff often find it difficult, especially when they have been absent for a longer time due to holidays, sabbaticals or an illness, to come back to the operational procedures at the university. With return-to-work interviews the university aims to improve communication between executives and their staff, clear any conditions that cause diseases and express appreciation of the staff members and their performance on the job. 

Internal re-entry management

If members of the staff have been absent for a long time due to an illness, they are entitled to make use of the internal re-entry management (BEM). The BEM includes interviews and joint activities to improve the job situation.

Accreditations and Certificates