• Setting up the "Kinderinsel" (children's island), a university child care facility for all parents at the HNU and parents of companies cooperating with the HNU.
  • Setting up the „Beratungs- und Informationszentrum für Eltern, Persönliches und Soziales – BIZEPS“ (Consulting and information centre for parents, personal and social affairs) 
  • Setting up an interdisciplinary cultural programme for all members of the HNU and their families
  • Implementing „family-friendliness“ in university policies: 
  • Extending the university mission statement and the professional training programme for executives to include „family-friendly and service-oriented“, setting up courses on gender-didactics for lecturers
  • Improving the infrastructure for parents with children: baby care room, highchairs and the option to order take-away food in the cafeteria
  • improving flexibility of working hours and place of work, such as establishing a notebook-pool for the administration, easing compulsory attendance for academic assistants and members of the staff 



Accreditations and Certificates