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Caring for dependants

A nursing case in a family will suddenly make it important and urgent. With this site, we want to assist you and offer helpful information on how to care for dependants.

Below you can find an overview we have compiled for you answering all important questions concerning care and giving practical tips on where to find support and  important contact points. 

Please note:

The informations about caring for dependants is available for students and members of the HNU staff only. You can view the information via a link in the new intranet / section "Familyservice“. Please log in.

In need of care - and what now?

A relative suddenly needs care and now you must make many decisions quickly. Here you can find an overview of the main subjects: Health and patient care, financial and legal support you are entitled to, and psychological help. 

Care and support facilities

Here you can find information on support programmes for persons in need of care; both for care at home and in an asylum. 

Nursing insurance (financing care)

Persons in need of care are entitled to proceeds resulting from the nursing insurance.  Here you can find an overview of the scope of benefits as well as useful information on how to fill out an application. 

Patient's provision and similar issues

A patient's provision allows you to specify which medical measures you want taken should you be in need of nursing. Here you can find information on formalities and content of a patient's provision (with sample form).

Caring at home

Here you can find an overview of nursing products, of nursing techniques, dietary advice and drugs. 


It is difficult to deal with the diagnosis dementia. Here you can find an introduction to the medical basics as well as practical tips on how to cope with everyday life. 

Diseases in old age

Here you can find an overview of the most common diseases: information about causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment options. 

Relatives caring for dependants

Relatives caring for dependants are entitled to special insurance protection, such relatives are protected by accident insurance as well as the German federal pension fund. 

Care providers in the Neu-Ulm region

Overview of the regional care providers: nursing services, nursing homes and day-care institutions in the Neu-Ulm area. 

Institutions offering support in the Neu-Ulm area

Overview of the institutions offering support in the Neu-Ulm area: care providers and services for out-patients in the Neu-Ulm area. 


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