Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) Women's Representative

Women’s representatives' activities in university panels

At the HNU

By virtue of her office she is a voting member of all other panels of the university, especially the University Council. Women’s representatives of the faculties are voting members of the faculty councils and the appointment committee.

At the HNU and other universities 
Women's representatives of the Bavarian universities of applied sciences are, within the scope of their functions, members of the State as well as the Federal Conference of the Women's Representatives of the universities of applied sciences.

The representatives of the female academic staff are united with the women representing the female non-academic staff in the State Conference of the Bavarian Women's Representatives. This conference represents the female HNU students, professors and members of staff on a state and federal basis (§1, Section 1 of the statutes) and in accordance with §1, Section 2 of the statutes also carry out  the following tasks:

§  Informing, coordinating and supporting women’s representatives at the universities of applied sciences

§  Contributing to the making of opinion concerning university as well as educational issues  

§  Cooperating with the equal opportunities commissioners and the contact persons

There is also an association of the women’s representatives on a federal basis:  the Federal Conference of Women's Representatives and equal opportunities commissioners at the universities.   Members there cooperate to perform their tasks regarding the advancement of women and the equal status of men and women at the universities.  The Federal Conference of Women's Representatives (BuKoF) caters especially to the interests of women at universities for all types of universities and groups of members in Germany, the Federal and State Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion,  Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs as well as the German Rectors' Conference. 


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