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Today, gender equality has been made the guiding principle

Bavarian University and College Act (BayHSchG), Article 4: Gender equality; Women’s representative

(1) In the fulfilment of their functions, the universities shall promote the achievement of equal rights for women and men and shall focus on that as a guiding principle; they shall work towards the removal of existing disadvantages. With a view to achieving equal rights for women and men, the advancement of women shall be promoted  with due consideration for the primacy of aptitude and qualifications. Aim of such promotion is increasing the proportion of women in all academic areas.

(2) Women’s representatives take care to prevent any disadvantages for female academics, lecturers and students; they assist the universities in fulfilment of their functions in accordance with paragraph 1. Women’s representatives are elected for universities by the Senates, for faculties by the faculty councils. Women’s representatives elected for the university are members of the extended Executive board and the Senate, women’s representatives elected for faculties are voting members of the faculty council and the appointment councils. Beyond that the statutes shall regulate the participation of the women’s representatives in other panels;  it can be stipulated that deputy representatives are appointed for women’s representatives.

(3) The university shall provide the women’s representatives  with adequate funds to fulfil their tasks. As long as they act as women’s representatives they are to be relieved from their official duties, taking into account the extent of their tasks as representatives.

(4) There should be an adequate proportion of women to men in the panels.

(5) Any legal stipulations for female women’s representatives also apply to male women’s representatives. 

Bavarian University and College Act (BayHSchG), Article 4;  9 July 2012 


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