Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) Women's Representative

What are the functions of the Women's Representatives?

The Women's Representatives advise and support the HNU

  • to achieve equal opportunities for men and women, as stipulated by the constitution,
  • to avoid and eliminate disadvantages for female students, professors and lecturers.
How do they achieve these tasks?

Women's representatives

  • represent the interests of women in all panels of the HNU
  • work towards increasing the proportion of women when it comes to appointing professors
  • inform about how female students can be supported
  • inform about the professional perspectives women have
  • organise events to communicate and train specific key qualifications (such as trainings regarding job application and negotiation) for female students
  • advise in cases of discrimination and violence against women
  • support and promote issues regarding women in academic education and practice
How are the women's representatives organised?

As a rule, female professors - sometimes also male professors - work as women’s representatives  in the faculties of the universities in Bavaria (Federal State in the south of Germany) and also function as the main women's representative of a university. They are elected into this office and perform this task within the scope of their duties. The women’s representative of the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences coordinate their tasks at state level. They work together with the women's representatives of all types of Bavarian universities in the State Conference of the Bavarian Women's Representatives.

Within this scope they

  • regularly organise specialist conferences
  • inform the public about the situation of women at universities
  • comment on gender equality issues
  • hold discussions on university issues with political representatives from the state parliament and ministry
  • encourage supporting measures for women at universities
  • advocate the specific requirements of universities 



Prof. Dr. Barbara Brandstetter

Assistent women's representative of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences 
Women's representative of the Information management faculty

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Prof. Patrizia Franzreb

Assistent women's representative of the department of Information management

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Prof. Dr. Manja Rausendorf-Marzina

Women's representative of the department of Healthcare management

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Teresa Moll

Assistent women's representative of the department of Healthcare management

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Prof. Dr. Julia Künkele

Women’s representative of the business studies faculty

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Anna Fischbach

Assistent women's representative of the department of business studies

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Magdalena Fremdling View Profile

Academic manager / Equality and diversity programme

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