HNU IT Services

The HNU IT-Services (RZ) with its many services is available to all members of the HNU as a central facility. This facility also functions as an academic institution where innovative concepts of IT operation are evaluated and become operative. In order to foster this, there is a cooperation with external partners from regional businesses.

This is what we offer our customers:

  • linking all IT devices of the HNU to the network
  • linking to the internet
  • HNU-wide WLAN
  • providing central server service
  • user support and consulting services
  • maintaining the IT rooms and the computers of the HNU administrative and academic staff


Professor Dr.
Philipp Brune View Profile

Academic Head of IT Services
Head of the degree programme Master International Enterprise Information Management
Head of the Centre for Secure IT Applications and Infrastructures
Head of the Institute of Agile Product and System Development

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IT Services

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+49(0)731/9762-2828 (Support)
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