Handicapped Employee Representative

The Handicapped Employee Representative is elected by all disabled employees of the HNU. Michael Steinmann represents the HNU disabled employees. He supports their integration, takes part in job interviews, represents their interests at the HNU and advises and assists them.

The Handicapped Employee Representative ensures that:

  • any laws, statutory orders, collective labour agreements, employment and establishment agreements valid in favour of disabled employees as well as the duties incumbent on employers according to the IV. German Social Security Code are complied with
  • measures for supporting disabled persons are filed with the responsible authorities
  • proposals and complaints from disabled employees are accepted and, if they seem to have good cause, solved

Mr Steinmann will also be glad to assist you when applying for recognition of an existing disability and its degree as well as for equal status to the German employment agency. He works in close consultation with the HNU Staff Council and the Disability Mediator.

The Handicapped Employee Officer

Mr. Gero Liebig is the Handicapped Employee Officer.

The Handicapped Employee Officer for disabled staff of an employer ensures that all laws valid for disabled persons (according to the German Social Security Code, Ninth Book) as well as the provisions for public welfare of the German Federal State of Bavaria are commplied with by an employer. Should the relationship between employer and employee be at risk, he will take preventive measures; he will also help if any complaints need to be cleared.


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Member of Finance and Accounting
Handicapped Employee Representative

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