The Study and Exam Office of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Use of the Tuition Fees at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)

Since the 2007 summer semester, tuition fees have been imposed at all universities and universities of applied sciences in the German federal state Bavaria in order to improve academic conditions. Students take part in deciding how the fees are to be used.

At the HNU, this money is used to finance additional professors and academic staff who offer extra courses. To improve the service at the university of applied sciences, the HNU has also employed additional staff in the language centre, in the International Office as well as in the library, and upgraded the technological equipment.

Tuition fees are also used to subsidize excursions and language tests. The HNU has created scholarships to organise semesters or practical trainings abroad as well as for special study and research projects. Please find below details of what the fees are used for.

I. Investment and acquisitions from tuition fees planned for the summer semester 2017 and winter semester 2017/2018

Improving education
  • Chair for Intercultural management
  • twelve posts for academic staff in the areas Centre for Marketing and Branding, Centre for Logistics, Centre for Healthcare Management, E-Learning, Information management, Family-Friendly University and IT Services, General HNU objectives
  • Creating additional capacity for staff in the Language Centre, the International Office, the library, in Facility Management, the Exams Office and the IT services.
  • extending tutorials
  • offering additional elective courses and optional courses
  • additional guest lectures
  • software for simulation games for the first-year students
  • seminar series: 'Key competencies'
  • workshop held by the International Office for students planning to spend a semester abroad
Improving the infrastructure
  • additional means for the library to acquire books, magazines, library licences and electronic media
  • equipping the club rooms with additional printers
  • licence fee for SAP software used on the campus
  • establishing and strengthening co-operation with international universities
  • license fee for evaluation and surveying software
  • additional equipment in the field of media technology
  • equipping a health laboratory at the HNU
  • usage and maintenance fees for the evaluation system EvaSys
Purpose-related grants for students
  • subsidies for the introductory programme for first-year students 'Orientation week'
  • subsidies for the handover of exams
  • subsidies for excursions
  • subsidies for semesters and practical trainings done abroad
  • subsidies for internationally recognized exams in languages
  • financing scholarships, e.g. for students of the Bavarian Elite Academy
  • awarding prizes to students for doing voluntary work
  • awarding a scholarship taken from the emergency fund if students encounter economic hardship
  • subsidies for students who pass the exam of the 'Career and work pedagogy' elective course (the German 'Ausbilderschein' – license to train apprentices)
  • subsidies for the activities and acquisitions within the scope of the HNU cultural programme
  • subsidies for travelling expenses incurred by students who write their Bachelor thesis abroad

Accreditations and Certificates