Equal Opportunity Representative

What is the mission of the Equal Opportunity Representative?

The Bavarian gender-equality law (Bayerisches Gleichstellungsgesetz (BayGlG)) dated 24 May 1996 is the basis for the public appointment of the Equal Opportunity Representative and her functions.

This law specifies the following goals:

  • increasing the number of women in areas where there are significantly fewer women employed than men in order to achieve balanced employment
  • ensuring that women and men have the same opportunities
  • work towards improving the compatibility of professional and family life for women and men
  • work towards equal participation of women and men in panels

The Representative encourages and supervises the execution of this law and supports its implementation. The gender-equality law applies within the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU). This means that the Representative is also responsible for the female and male members of the administrative staff. Mr Christoph Giebeler is the current HNU Equal Opportunity Representative.

Duties and responsibilities of the Representative

The Equal Opportunity Representative

  • works together with the employees' representatives;
  • participates in all matters that might be of fundamental importance for the equality of women and men, the compatibility of professional and family life and for ensuring equality of opportunities;
  • she advises and supports individuals in matters regarding equal opportunities, all members of the staff may turn directly to her;
  • she may contact the head of the department directly;
  • she must be informed in due time and comprehensively about matters regarding her tasks;
  • she must be consulted in time about any important projects having relevance to equal opportunities;
  • she must be informed in due time if basic principles of how to award productivity and performance bonuses are to be defined;
  • she must be involved in introducing performance reviews of staff members.

On 2 February 1999, the Bavarian government ruled that the public administration should create more living quarters and teleworking places to improve compatibility of professional and family life. This complies with the aims of the gender-equality law.

Should the persons concerned so wish, the Equal Opportunity Representative

  • may advise in all matters regarding the staff;
  • take part in job interviews;
  • give advice about professional assessments;
  • may take part in individual decisions about awarding performance and productivity bonuses if there are indications that the aims of the Bavarian gender-equality law were not observed.


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