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The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences drama group

The HNU drama group was founded during the winter semester 2008/09 when the cultural programme revolved around the topic "Theatre" and its motto was "Curtain up – it's showtime". 

Ever since then students have created their own mosaic of scenes and performed these at the end of a semester either on one of the Ulm stages or at the HNU. Katrin Hötzel leads the drama group.

We are looking for actors - male and female!

We are looking for:

  • male and female actors;

with no previous experience, but dedication, impetus and courage

  • a promoter - male or female:

who has the task of searching for and booking a suitable performance venue, planning the rehearsals and  keeping track of the costs

Performances to date

5 December 2018, HNU Cafeteria
"Ich, weiblich, wütend", corresponding to the topic FARBENRAUSCH

14 June 2018
"Mia sand fei gar ned fad ned", corresponding to the topic BAVARIA

14 December 2017, HNU Cafeteria
"Speaking is GOLD"

23 July 2016, Café Jedermann
"Donauwellen - Rauf und runter". Scenic reading about a moody river.

27 June 2015, HNU Cafeteria
"Bullshit bingo meets HNU" - an offer during "Neu-Ulm spielt"

14 February 2013, HNU Cafeteria
'A piece of sports' corresponding to the topic AS YOU LIKE it

23 February 2012, HNU Cafeteria
'Lieblingsmenschen' (a play by Laura de Weck) corresponding to the topic REGIONAL CULTURE

November 5, 2010, HNU Cafeteria
'Attacke' ('attack') on the issue REVOLUTION

February 20, 2010, at the Roxy in Ulm
'Almost Freak' on the issue OUTLAND

July 23, 2009, at the Roxy in Ulm
'Herzens-Sprecher' on the issue LOVE

February 26, 2009, Podium of the Ulm Theatre
'Power is sexy - For work makes the world go round' corresponding to the topic POWER


Professor Dr.
Sibylle Brunner View Profile

HNU Women's Representative

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Main Building A,A.2.38


Rehearsal of the theatre group:

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm (starting 25.10.2016)

Location: ZWEI, 9-11 Seminar

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