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The HNU band performing in 2008 with founding members Sebastian Petrich, Sebastian Krichler, Michi Jung, Marius Stehle, Claudia Kocian, Maxim Skripko, Julian Klein

The HNU-Band covers rock-, pop- and soul songs. Today, cast includes vocals, keyboard, bass, guitar and drums.

Students of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences can have this recognised as an elective course.

Mission Statement of the HNU-Band

We are a band of students and HNU staff, all of us are interested in music and want to have fun.

We play at HNU events such as graduation or alumni celebrations.

We choose our pieces together. The repertoire depends on the audience and the event, i.e., we play a mixture of rock, pop and soul to dance by.

We are a classic band with vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums.
We gladly include other instruments such as percussion or winds.

We are looking for musicians who are good at playing their instruments, if possible have already played in a band,  and fit into our team.

During the semester, we rehearse once a week. Tasks also include performances as well as individual practising of our pieces.

At the beginning of a semester, potential members are invited to take part in a rehearsal, date and time to be arranged with the band leader. Two or three  pieces of the current HNU band repertoire must be prepared to present them in an audition with the band.

The band is part of the HNU-cultural programme and participation can be credited as optional course.


The HNU Band at the Career Night in October 2013: Markus Metzger, Ines Spangenberg, Markus Lang, Maren Haring, Chris Kaindl
Accompanying the Academic Ceremony in the ratiopharm arena in July 2012
Cooperating with the choir of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, as part of the graduation ceremony of the Ulm as well as Neu-Ulm Universities of Applied Sciences, summer semester 2012
Taking part in the HNU summer fête in June 2009 with Markus Metzger, Matthias "Matze" Golder, Anja Solleder, Michi Jung, Claudia Kocian, Christian Bonifer, Marius Stehle, Bernhard Müller


Professor Dr.
Claudia Kocian-Dirr View Profile

Academic Advisor for Business Information Systems
Coordinator of the HNU Band and the HNU Jazzcombo

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