Barbecue and swimming pool at Christmas – Chilean guest professor at the HNU

Neu-Ulm, 17.12.2015

Management and finance are among the special fields of Dr. Elizabeth Gutierrez. The new guest professor from Chile will teach students in two degree programmes at the HNU: Business Administration, and Information Management and Corporate Communication. This visit is the first faculty exchange with the Universidad de Chile in Santiago de Chile, with which the HNU recently entered into a partnership.

Elizabeth Gutierrez is a guest professor from Chile whose main subject is financial accounting.

Dr. Gutierrez will teach financial accounting at the HNU for two weeks. She is looking forward to teaching German students because she thinks that they are very well organised. "If all my Chilean students were like the one German exchange student who was in my course, my life would be easier! Students from Germany have a more forward-looking approach to learning," Ms. Gutierrez enthused. The education systems of the two countries are similar, as she quickly discovered on her first day at the HNU. In Chile, there are also state-run and private universities, but no distinction is made between universities and universities of applied sciences; university courses are categorised depending on whether they emphasise practice or research.

The way Chileans and Germans celebrate Christmas is also very similar. "We go to church, celebrate Christmas Eve with our immediate families, there's good food on the table and other family members join us during the next few days – we just spend the holidays with barbecues and swimming pools in summer weather," said Prof. Gutierrez. Chile is in the southern hemisphere, where Christmas falls in the summer. This is one of the few differences between Chile and Germany that she has been able to determine.

She hopes that her visit will initiate a lively exchange of knowledge and launch joint research projects. The 33-year-old got her PhD at from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and specialises in financial accounting. She previously completed her Bachelor degree in management control engineering and accounting at the Universidad de Chile, where she now lectures. Gutierrez will now pass on her knowledge and experience to the HNU students.

The HNU has been cooperating with the University of Santiago de Chile since autumn this year. Student and teacher exchanges are included in the cooperation agreement.

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