Web application brings people together and gets students a first place

Neu-Ulm, 09.06.2016

Planning an appointment without having to actively search for open time slots – the MeetMe web application, developed by HNU students, promises to do just that. The software won the international Student Contest on Software Engineering (SCORE) in Texas. The final was part of the International Conference on Software Engineering, the world’s largest and most important conference in this field.

Ronald Robertson, Manuel Gollmann, Natscha Kania, Danny Friedrich and Malte Kloß (left to right) won the international Student Contest on Software Engineering with their web application MeetMe.

MeetMe schedules appointments automatically: Users connect their calendars in the programme, select the desired participants for a meeting and the software does the rest. It looks for the next commonly available date and sends an invitation. The search can be filtered by entering a time period or a time of day. Compared to previous versions of digital diaries, the web application offers much more. Users don't need to enter their open time slots in an extra programme, for example. MeetMe facilitates calendar scheduling for several people and as such is interesting for companies.

The developers – five students of the Masters of Advanced Management degree programme at the HNU – put high security standards at the top of their list of requirements – and that is what ultimately led to victory at the international SCORE competition. "When programming and encrypting, we made sure that all the data, especially personal data, was secured in compliance with the Federal German Data Protection Act," explains Ronald Robertson, one of the developers.

Ronald Robertson presented the MeetMe web application at the International Conference on Software Engineering in Austin, Texas together with Danny Friedrich, Manuel Gollmann, Natascha Kania and Malte Kloß. Three teams were invited to the Conference and their entries were compared in the final of the Student Contest on Software Engineering. "More than 30 teams of students from around the world took part in the competition. Our students won against stiff competition from large and prestigious universities," said Dr. Philipp Brune, Master of Advanced Management professor and supervisor of the project at the HNU.

What will happen with the development of MeetMe after the presentation is not yet clear. "Right now, our web application can't be downloaded. But there were quite a few investors at the conference who were interested in releasing MeetMe," said Ronald Robertson.

A video explains how the web application works.

Contact: Ronald Robertson

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