The students’ digital experience - Innovation Camp with visiting students from South Africa

Neu-Ulm, 08.06.2018

The digital era brings with IT new teaching and learning concepts beyond the limits of national borders. In an innovation camp, students from the South African University of the Western Cape (UWC) together with students and teaching staff of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) have developed concepts for digital teaching and learning: ‘The students’ digital experience’.

The digital age is one of challenges for universities, but it also offers opportunities: digital teaching and learning methods make international learning possible by means of simple and fast networking. A team of twenty students from the HNU and the UWC worked together in an innovation camp to develop concepts under the heading of ‘The students’ digital experience’ about how universities and students can make the best use of digital solutions. The results include ideas about apps, pads and labs which can be used as digital platforms for a range of issues, from student organisation to group learning with chat functions. The innovation camp students also considered digital services for people who are visually impaired and developed the idea of a braille pad which, amongst other things, can be used to transpose audio recordings into text.

Ideas and concepts as well as prototypes were presented to Prof. Dr. Uta M. Feser, President of the HNU, Prof. Dr. Frantz, Vice-Rector of the UWC and Mathews Lebelo, Consul for South Africa, at the end of the innovation camp.

Prof. Dr. Olaf Jacob, Vice-President for Research and Digitilisation,



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