Opportunity and challenge alike – a guest professor from Brazil is teaching at HNU

Neu-Ulm, 06.04.2016

Professor Ildeberto Aparecido Rodello from the Universidade de São Paulo is to take a teaching role as a visiting professor at the HNU for one semester and give lectures on IT applications and business processes. The Brazilian is looking forward to sharing knowledge with colleagues, carrying out joint research projects and experiencing about German culture.

It was clear to Professor Rodello from the outset that it wouldn't be an easy task teaching students in a foreign country. "It's a big challenge for me being here and teaching in another country which has a different culture. But I love new experiences that advance my career," said the Brazilian guest professor. In the 2016 summer semester, Professor Ildeberto Aparecido Rodello will lecture on IT at the HNU and, for this, has even moved from Brazil to Ulm with his family.

Rodello began his academic career as a computer scientist studying virtual and augmented reality with the focus on learning, living and working with PCs. In 2008 he was given a position at the Universidade de São Paulo. The professor has taught at the Ribeirão Preto branch of that university since then. "I taught IT expertise to business administration students and that changed my perspective," he said. He not only had to teach his students about pure IT skills, he also had to tackle the issue of how to acquire data for developing the programmes and how to market that data to gain new users.

Rodello now passes on his experience to the HNU students. Being a guest professor is a good opportunity for him to share information with specialist colleagues from a different country and to initiate joint research projects.

He also wants to gain cultural experience – and to ensure that this aspect is not neglected, he is going to take several short trips in Germany with his wife and children, getting to know the country, the people and the language. "It is an important experience to be here, for me as well as for my family. My wife was a bit sceptical at first but now especially my eldest son is excited about this opportunity, too," said Rodello. After long discussions, the family decided to take up the challenge of getting to know a completely different lifestyle and started out on their journey to Germany that lasted nearly 24 hours. "The trip itself was a bit exhausting. By now, we have become accustomed to Ulm and the German way of life. We're happy we took this decision," he said.

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