From Bavaria to the world – Together with business and Ministry representatives, UAS Chairman Professor Uta M. Feser launches international internship portal for students

Neu-Ulm, 12.10.2016

The specialists of tomorrow need intercultural skills. The portal 'Study and Work International – from Bavaria to the world' supports Bavarian students in obtaining practical experience abroad. Together with Bertram Brossardt, CEO of the Association of Bavarian Business e.V. (vbw), and Science State Secretary Bernd Sibler, Professor Uta M. Feser, Chairwoman of the Association of the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), and Professor Karl Stoffel, Director of hochschule dual, launched the information campaign on the 10th of October 2016.

From left to right: Professor Uta M. Feser, Chairwoman of the UAS, State Secretary Bernd Sibler, Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art, Bertram Brossardt, CEO vbw, and Professor Karl Stoffel, Director of hochschule dual. (Photo: Astrid Eckert, hochschule dual)

Remarks such as "If not now, when?" and "See you later!" are part of the postcard campaign designed to draw students' attention to There they find global internship offers and compact information and tips for planning and implementing practical training abroad. "The universities and the DAAD already provide assistance in finding internships abroad," says Professor Karl Stoffel, Director of hochschule dual and President of Landshut University. "Nevertheless, finding their way into the business world still is a much harder task for students than realising an exchange semester. My students tell me that the search for a specific internship position is often very tedious."

Bavaria's economy is on a route to success, not least because of its broad international network. To ensure that this economic growth continues, a broad-based pool of skilled workers is required, one which promotes the intercultural skills of graduates. To assist Bavarian students in acquiring an internship abroad, the vbw and the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art are funding the development of the cross-institutional internship platform Study & Work International, a project of hochschule dual. The primary focus is on English-language countries and particularly the United States as popular destinations for students and as important trading partners of Bavarian companies.

As Bertram Brossardt, CEO of the vbw, explains, "Bavarian companies in global competition increasingly rely on employees who have international experience and intercultural competence. This is why the vbw is the main sponsor of the project 'Study and Work International – from Bavaria to the World'. With the help of the new website, young Bavarian academics can now get an overview of high-quality internships abroad, quickly and easily. Students also receive comprehensive support with their preparation. We hope that many students will take up this offer, thus promoting the internationalisation of Bavaria."

Stressing the importance of internships abroad, State Secretary Bernd Sibler says: "Internships open up diverse opportunities for young people to test their acquired specialist knowledge in an international context, but they also give them the opportunity to develop personally, further their intercultural and social skills, make contacts and expand their knowledge of foreign languages. For international companies, these are visible signs of motivation and evidence of the skills of the graduates. The internship exchange 'Study and Work International – from Bavaria to the World' offers our students particularly good opportunities to gain practical experience at an international level and to broaden their horizons. Our joint initiative thus establishes a close link between academic learning and the practical world."

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The internship portal "Study & Work – International" on the websites of the HNU:

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