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Welcome to the HNU construction blog

We want to inform about the change of the university of applied sciences, accompany the expansion-building's steps, give exciting backgroundinformation around the project and inform students, teachers, employees and the population and residents.

  • Demolition Wiley-Gymnasium: September/October 2015
  • Start of construction: Spring 2016
  • Moving Date: Winter Term 2018/2019
With it's white facade, the new building will be a contrast to the black main building. (01.08.2017)
Plan cut out: Architects Fritsch + Tschaidse, Munich; State Building Control Department Krumbach
State Building Control Department Krumbach

The shell construction will be completed by the end of the year. (01.12.2016)
The ground floor has taken shape in September. (22.09.2016)
The ground floor is getting its floor. (11.08.2016)
In August, the basements ceiling will be concreted. (29.07.2016)
The first walls on the eastern side are already built. (29.06.2016)
The perimeter insulation has been laid under the floor slab in june. (02.06.2016)
The workingsite is ready, works can start. (21.04.2016)
A sheet pile wall is securing the foundation ditch. (15.03.2016)
Parts of the exterior wall and the roof are still visible. (3.11.2015)
The demolition work has started. In the following weeks, the gym will be torn down to create space for the expansion-building. (23.10.2015)

FAQs about the expansion-building

What exactly does the HNU build?

As the space in the main building is running short for 3800 students, the HNU is building a second building where additional seminar rooms, offices and a cafeteria will find their place. Besides, furhter laboratories will be put up in the expansion-building. The campus will grow through the expansion and thus provide enough space for all faculties.

How long will the construction take?

The Wiley-Gymnasium will be demolished in autumn 2015 and the plot will be prepared. The construction will be started in spring 2016. If completed as planned, the HNU can move in to the winter term 2018/2019.

Will the stduy conditions be disturbed? For example, will it be extremely loud some time or is the parking lot closed?

Through out the demolition phase in autumn, the noise level can raise for short times. Later stages of construction can also cause noise from time to time. The parking lot will be kept free from the construcion process as far as possible.

The HNU is trying to inform about distructions as soon as possible through the construction blog.

Do residents need to fear parking construction vehicles?

The construcion vehicles will stay on the plot as far as possible. Still, arrivals and departures can cause short distractions. We will try to keep the roads mainly free.

Where are differences between the two buildings?

The new building will be smaller than the older one. With it's white façade, it will be a contrast to the black main building.

What happens to the water tower?

The water tower will be preserved. The new parking lot will be build around it.


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