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Schafmeister, Sylvia Professor Dr.
Strategic Head of the Centre for Postgraduate and Professional Studies
Dean of Studies of the Department of Health Management
Deputy Women's Representative of the Department of Health Management
Schaible, Karin
International Office
Front Office
Schallmo, Daniel Professor Dr.
Schlatterer, Florian Dr.
Research Fellow
Schlecker, Carmen
Member of the Building Services and Engineering
Schmidberger, Lisa-Marie
Assistant to the director / reception Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre
Schmidt, Josef
Member of IT Services
Data Protection Officer
Schmidt, Dörte
Member of the Library
Schmitz, Johannes Professor Dr.
Professor for Management and Strategy
Schneid, Dominik
Member of IT Services
Schneid, Heidrun
Exams Office staff
Schneider, Waltraud
Member of University Advancement
Schöberl, Stefanie Professor Dr.
Professor of Business Management specialising in Marketing and Market Research
Schraag, Renate
Administrative Assistant Business Information Systems (Ulm University of Applied Sciences)
Schrodi, Marco
Member media production
Schulz, Thomas
Research Assistant / Center for Research on Service Sciences
Schuster, Philip
Member of Finance and Accounting
Schwabegger-Schäufele, Martin
Member E-Learning Services
Seitz, Verena
Head of the International Office
Sonntag, Nadine
Sonntag, Nadine
Steeb, Judith
Member of Fincance and Accounting
Stehle, Christian
Member of IT Services
Steiger, Natalie
Studies Office staff
Steimann, Cathrin
Front Office Assistant to the Department of Information Management
Stein, Diana
Member of the Building Management
Steinmann, Michael
Member of Finance and Accounting
Handicapped Employee Representative
Steurer, Elmar Professor Dr.
Dean of the Department of Business and Economics
Stirzel, Martin Professor Dr.
Professor of Information Management with focus on automotive sales and service management
Stöhr, Christa
Member / Centre for Postgraduate and Professional Studies
Straub, Silvia Professor Dr.
Internship Coordinator for Information Management in Healthcare
Internationalisation Officer of the Department of Health Management
Stumpf, Tanja
Legal Adviser
Swoboda, Walter Professor Dr.
Research Professor at the Faculty of Health Management

Accreditations and Certificates