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Rausendorf-Marzina, Manja Professor Dr.
Professor of Business Studies in Healthcare Management, concentration in finance and accounting
Women's Representative of the Department of Health Management
Raymund, Simone
Member of Corporate Communications
Rederer, Erik Professor Dr.
Academic Advisor and Head of the degree programme Business Studies
Head of the Centre for Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation
Reisach, Ulrike Professor Dr.
Alumni Officer of the Department of Information Management
Internationalisation Officer of the Department of Information Management
Reiss, Kristin
Member of Third-Party Funding and Transfer
Event Management
Reschka, Simone
Research Assistant / Departement of Information Management
Richter, Tom
Member of Corporate Communications
Robertson, Ronald
Research Assistant Centre for Digitalization / Africa Institute
Rockmann, Robert
Research Assistant – Center for Research on Service Sciences (CROSS)
Rogg, Stefan
Member of the media technology
Rothofer, Waltraud
Studies Office staff
Ruoff, Sven
Employee Digital Teaching and Learning
Ryseck, Laura Dr.
Head of Unit Third-party funding, transfer and events Deputy Head of the University Advancement

Accreditations and Certificates