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Lang, Klaus Professor Dr.
Managing Director of the „Institute for Digital Transformation“
Dean of Studies of the Department of Information Management
Langbein, Christian Professor
Head of the Centre for Growth and Sales Strategy
Lautenfeld, Nicole
Member of Corporate Communications
Leisner, Michael
Research Assistant / IT Services
Virtualization technologies and cloud services
Lentschig, Jürgen
Employee in work safety
Levyn, Sabine
Member of Human Resources
Li, Fang Dr.
Research Assistant for Physical, Augmented & Virtual Reality Logistics-Living-Lab
Liebig, Gero
Pedagogical Process Coordinator
Liers, Petra
Member of Library
Loth, Stefanie
Member E-Learning Services
Lührs, Andrea
Scientific Assistant to the Department of Health Management
Lunkenheimer, Marc
Research Assistant

Accreditations and Certificates