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Häberle, Bianca
Studies Office staff
Halton, John
Lecturer in English
Hammer, Lena
Studies Office staff
Hammerschmidt, Wilke Professor Dr.
Professor for PR and Marketing Communications
Hänichen, Thomas Professor Dr.
Head of the degree programme MBA General Management
Managing Director of the „Institute for Digital Transformation“
Hartl, Karin
Research Assistant / Centre for Data Sciene and Business Analytics
Hartwig, Daniel
Research Assistent
Haug, Maximilian
Research Assistant / Department of Information Management
Häußler, Claudia
Member of the Library
Häusler, Cornelia
Deputy Head of the International Office
Outgoing Students Coordinator
Heisele, Andrea
Member of the Building Management
Hennig, Kathrin
Member of the Building Services and Engineering
Hermann, Cornelia
Front Office Assistant to the Vice President Prof. Dr. Steurer
Herrmann, Emanuel
Research Assistant / Innovative Logistics
Hoeck, Inken
Research Assistent
Hofmaier, Michaela
Temporary Helper at Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre
Holl, Felix
Research Assistant for Digitalization Healthcare
Homfeldt, Niklas B. Professor Dr.
Professor / Business Administration with focus on Accounting
Hüser, Manfred
Dean of Studies Industrial Engineering (Ulm University of Applied Sciences)

Accreditations and Certificates