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Baier, Werner
Member of the Building Management
Bardens, Rupert Professor Dr.
Bartak, Teresa
Member of Fincance and Accounting
Bartl, Thomas
Academic Advisor
Bauer, Thomas Professor Dr.
Professor for Business Information Systems specialising in databases
Baumgärtel, Hartwig
Dean of Studies Industrial Engineering / Logistics (Ulm University of Applied Sciences)
Bayer, Thomas Professor Dr.
Vice President for Internationalization and Transfer
Director of the Centre for Research on service science (CROSS)
Bergande, Bianca
Research Assistant
Bildhäuser, Dirk Professor Dr.
Bilich, Julia
Lecturer in English
Bill, Katharina
Head of Corporate Communications
Blessing, Ute
Member of the Library
Boscheinen, Jens
Research Assistant / Sustainability and Digital communication
Botskor, Ivan Professor Dr.
Visiting professor for intercultural management
Brandstetter, Barbara Professor Dr.
Women's Representative of the Department of Information Management
Head of the Centre for Media & User Experience
Head of Campus TV
Bregant, Rebecca
Research Assistant
Briel, Lilia
International Office
Incoming Exchange Students Coordinator (Europe)
Project Coordinator "Internationalisation 2.0"
Brüchner, Claudius
Member Department of IT Services
Brüderlein, Milena
Member of Fincance and Accounting
Brune, Philipp Professor Dr.
Academic Head of IT Services
Head of the degree programme Master International Enterprise Information Management
Head of the Centre for Secure IT Applications and Infrastructures
Head of the Institute of Agile Product and System Development
Brunner, Sibylle Professor Dr.
HNU Women's Representative
Büchele, Lisa
International Office
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Project Coordinator Mobility-Online
Buchner, Elmar Dr.
Research associate in the field of Geo-Resources and Geo-Hazards
Coordinator of the TBS research network (Technologienetzwerk Bayerisch-Schwaben)
Research coordination
Bühler, Daniela
Member of Human Resources
Bühren, Stephanie Christiane
Member of the Dual Career Services
Burger, Ivanka
Transformer Third-Party Funding and Transfer
Burk, Rainer Professor Dr.
Professor emeritus
Coordinator for Projects in Africa (funded by third parties)

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