Your Students' Union

Dear Fellow Students,

The Students' Union consists of elected members from the student body and volunteers who work within the various academic departments.

The elected members of the Students' Union represent your interests to the HNU and various committees. We have a choice on the distribution of student fees or have the right to vote on the appointment of new professors. In addition, we try to work with the various departments to enhance your student life through numerous events and activities.

Board of Spokespersons
  • Alexander Kledt
  • Eduard Maisinger
  • Robin Renoth
  • David Schlösser
  • Matteo Schmid
  • Bianca Schellinger
Student representatives in the Academic Senate
  • David Schlösser
  • Matteo Schmid
Student representatives in the Department Council of Business and Economics
  • Eduard Maisinger
  • Matteo Schmid
Student representatives in the Department Council of Information Management
  • Julia Zettl
  • Julia Claes
Student representatives in the Department Council of Health Management
  • Alexander Kledt
  • David Schlösser
Student representatives in the Student Parliament
  • Lisa Aicher (IM)
  • Melanie Herbinger (IM)
  • Jasmin Rapp (IM)
  • Leandro Veloso (BE)
  • Mario Wanner (BE)
  • Sarah Wilde (IM)
Melanie Herbinger, Alexander Kledt, Jasmin Rapp, Lisa Aicher, Bianca Schellinger, Sarah Wilde, Julia Zettl, Matteo Schmid, Julia Claes, Mario Wanner, Leandro Veloso, David Schlösser (f.l.t.r.)

Our office

We are your contact point for all questions and problems regarding your student's studies and life on campus. You can reach us during our opening times, in our office (EINS, 27), via telephone or e-mail.

Additionally, in our office you can obtain equipment for presentations (presenter, presentation case or VGA adapter) and many other services like the binding of ring binders or adhesive bonds.

If you have some time between your lectures, just stop by and learn more about the activities of your Students' Union.

On our site on Facebook you can find more information about us.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Your HNU Students' Union


Students' Union

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Mon to Thu 1.15 pm - 2 pm

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